Open Space Appendices

  1. I. RSA re: Conservation Fund

36-A:5 Appropriations Authorized

I. A town or city, having established a conservation commission as authorized by RSA 36-A:2, may appropriate money as deemed necessary for the purpose of this chapter. The whole or any part of money so appropriated in any year and any gifts of money received pursuant to RSA 36-A:4 may be placed in a conservation fund and allowed to accumulate from year to year. Money may be expended from said fund by the conservation commission for the purposes of this chapter without further approval of the town meeting.

II. The town treasurer, pursuant to RSA 41:29, shall have custody of all moneys in the conservation fund and shall pay out the same only upon order of the conservation commission. The disbursement of conservation funds shall be authorized by a majority of the conservation commission. Prior to the use of such funds for the purchase of any interest in real property, the conservation commission shall hold a public hearing with notice in accordance with RSA 675:7.

III. In the municipality that has adopted the provisions of RSA 79-A:25, II, the specified percentage of the revenues received pursuant to RSA 79-A shall be placed in the conservation fund.


Source. 1963, 168:1. 1973, 550:4. 1987, 318:2. 1988, 120:1, e$ June 18, 1988


  • 1988. Paragraph III: Added.
  • 1987. Designated the existing provisions of section as par. I, in that paragraph rewrote the first sentence, inserted "and any gifts of
  1. II. Memorandum of Understanding
  1. III. Public Support for Conservation
  1. IV. Protected Lands in Hanover (Map)
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  1. VI. Public Comment on The Draft Open Space Priorities Plan