Where are my tax dollars going?

This is probably the single most common question posed in any community, and yet, the answer is not always so well received. Sadly, municipal staffs are often the first line of citizen attack when tax rates seem too high. Tax dollars are a concern for everybody in that we only want to pay our fair share.

Ironically, that is also true of municipal employees! Yes, many of us also own homes and in many cases, right in the communities we work in. So rising property taxes are just as much a concern to us as it is to you.

To that end, we would like the public to be aware that we are constantly looking for ways to hold budgets down. Whether it is through the use of new technology, restructuring current programs to run more efficiently or actual cuts in program dollars; we are all constantly reviewing the bottom line to improve things.

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1. Where are my tax dollars going?
2. What can I do?
3. How many rates are there? And, what are they?
4. How is the rate figured?
5. How can I hold my property taxes down?