What can I do?

Property tax rates across New Hampshire are at an all-time high, and Hanover is no exception. So, what can we do as citizens to help hold our tax rates down? Each taxing authority's respective governing body determines its own budget. To that end, residents may have limited input on how much money is to be raised and appropriated. However, that does not mean one cannot let their concerns be known! To do so, you will need to contact each group (i.e. Town Manager/Select Board, School Board, County Commissioners, and Legislators) and let them know about your desire to hold spending down and to find new sources of revenue. In short, get involved and see what you, as a concerned citizen, can contribute to help in holding costs down or in finding new sources of community revenue. We all need to do our part in making our community work.

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2. What can I do?
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