Current Use Program

Current use is a State of New Hampshire program that encourages the preservation of open space and conserving the land, agricultural and wildlife resources. Land is valued not as building lots but as farm land, forest land either mixed, pine or hardwoods and unproductive land (land that cannot produce a farm or forest crop).
The land in question must be at least ten (10) acres in size or provide $2,500. per year in agricultural or horticultural products. The exception to the ten acre requirement is unimproved wetlands – such land can be any size.
When land is taken out of the Current Use program there is a onetime 10% land use change tax that is assessed based on the market value of the land in question at the time the use changes to non-qualifying. This may or may not be the selling price. The person or entity that owns the land at the time of use change is responsible for the payment of the lien release.
Land owners must apply on or before April 15th of the tax year that the land owner wishes to have his/her land classified as current use pursuant to RSA 79-A:5, II. Click here for an Application for Current Use.  
Current use acreage requirements consist of one of the following criteria: Tracts of farm land, forest land or unproductive land may qualify. Further details may be obtained through the State of New Hampshire Current Use Criteria Booklet. Click here for the criteria booklet.