Biodiversity Committee

A subcommittee of the Hanover Conservation Commission

Meeting agendas are posted on bulletin boards at Town Hall.
Meeting minutes are available in the Planning & Zoning Office.

2017 Pollinator Events

Hunting Season: Host, Don't Post*    

When too many deer inhabit a forested landscape, they eat young seedlings, saplings and wildflowers.  This prevents regeneration and creates openings for invasive species like buckthorn, barberry and honeysuckle.   Parts of Hanover have levels of severe deer browse.

Hunters have an important role to play in deer management and forest stewardship.  

If your woods show signs of deer browse, invite hunters during hunting season to help reduce the damage.  

Reducing the number of doe is much more effective in overall herd management than taking bucks.


Deer Sign

This is particularly important for hunters using firearms, since there are only five days (out of 26) when these hunters can take doe in Hanover:  November  14 - 18.  For the 11-day muzzleloader season, hunters have five days to take anterless deer:  November 3 - 7.   In 2018, the archery deer-hunting season lasts from September 15 to December 15, and these hunters can hunt deer of either sex.  


For more information about the impacts of an over-abundant deer herd, see Hanover’s updated deer webpages HERE .  There are sections about the signs of excessive deer browse, landscaping with deer in mind, the connection between deer and deer ticks and Lyme Disease, deer biology and deer management issues (including how other states approach this challenge).


The NH Fish and Game Department has Operation Land Share for landowners interested in permitting hunting.  There are answers to common questions such as liability, and free signs for landowners who sign up officially for this program. The site is particularly helpful for owners of large parcels.  

* Title:  thanks to Jeanie McIntyre at Upper Valley Land Trust (UVLT)