Biodiversity Committee

A subcommittee of the Hanover Conservation Commission

Public meeting notices are posted in the front window of Town Hall and in the second floor hallway, across from the Planning & Zoning Office.
Meeting minutes may be reviewed in the Planning & Zoning Office.

LOOK carefully at this plant.
Picture of garlic mustard plant with seed pods

Garlic Mustard has invaded several Hanover neighborhoods.

Don’t let it get started in your yard.


Learn to ID the plant:

Check the displays that are up now at Town Hall

and the Howe Library. 

The plant is now forming seed-pods that mature in July.


Check our webpages for more information about this plant.


Look around your neighborhood

Help pull if you find the plant.  Volunteers are now pulling

the plant in Brook Road neighborhood, and on

Mink Brook and Girl Brook trails.


Please join them if you can!