Communications Division

Upper Valley Regional Dispatch Center
The Communications Division and the Communications Officers on our staff are the link between the public and emergency services.

The Communications Staff play a vital role in communicating between the units in the field and the public. We answer all Police Department and Fire Department telephone lines, handle radio communications with all Police units, Fire and Rescue units, and Public Works units as well as speak with citizen that walk into the Police Department with comlaints or requests for service.
We are a Regional Dispatch Center and serve 23 Towns and 62 agencies, supporting Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Public Works agencies in both Vermont and New Hampshire.  Our coverage area is over 900 square miles and serves approx. 50,000 residents. In 2009 the Dispatch Center handled 126,947 telephone calls and about 300,000 radio transmissions. There were 45,518 Incidents including 3,005 calls to 9-1-1. 44,101 calls involved the Police, 3,264 involved Fire units and 3,217 were requests for an Ambulance. 
We acknowledge that no matter why you are calling the Dispatch Center, you probably feel that it is an emergency, to you. We ask that you remember however that our staff is trying to handle many in-progress calls at one time, quite likely in several different towns, and must assign them a realistic priority to best use the available resources. For example, a lost pet can be traumatic but it may be assigned a lower priority than an accident with injuries, a theft in progress or many other situations.
We remind you that 911 is for Emergencies Only.
Things such as:
Medical Calls
Crimes in Progress
Accidents with Injuries
and other Life Threatening Incidents

If you need to call the dispatch center for a non-emergency,
please call the business line at (603) 643-2222.

Please DO NOT Call 911 for:
School Closing Information
This Information is available on
local radio & TV stations
Road Conditions
in NH (866) 282-7579 or ONLINE
in VT (800) ICY-ROAD or ONLINE
Dial 511 on your cell phone
Power Outages
PLEASE Call your Power Company
(unless fire is involved or a line is down)
Lost or Found Animals
Fall Foliage Information
Directions to Yard Sales
Requests for Burning Permits
(Call your Local Fire Warden)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
E. Douglas Hackett Communications Coordinator (603) 640-3333
Lisa C. Camarra Communications Officer
David C. Saturley Communications Officer
Timothy A. Goodwin Communications Officer
Kevin R. Lahaye Communications Officer
Michael C. Cahill Communications Officer
Brian R. Paine Communications Officer
Gail P. Egner PT Dispatcher
Samuel P. Provenza PT Dispatcher
Duane E. Egner PT Dispatcher
Elizabeth S. Rathburn PT Dispatcher (603) 640-3327
B. Fred Cummings PT Dispatcher