Bear Information

Please Don't Feed the Bears !
We often receive calls from residents reporting bear in their yard. Bear often venture into more populated areas in search of food. Unsecure trash containers and bird feeders are two of the most common things that attract bear. Residents report bear and other wild animals in their garage, yards or even right up on their porches and decks. This is true in both the rural and more populated areas of town.
We receive many complaints each year of trash containers and bird feeders that have been destroyed by bear looking for an easy meal.
PLEASE secure all trash containers!  Also, while feeding the birds is enjoyable, for the safety of your family and your neighbors, PLEASE remove all outdoor feeders that may attract bears into your yard or onto your deck.
If you see bear cubs in your yard, you can be sure that an adult bear is somewhere nearby. It is also common for mother bear to tree their cubs while they search for food, leaving them for several days at a time. While it may seem that the cubs have been abandoned or are in danger because they are crying, PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH THE CUBS !
The NH Department of Fish & Game Dispatch Center can be reached Weekdays, 8am - 4:30pm at (603) 271-3361. From September 1 to December 5 they maintain longer hours (7am - 7pm) to deal with matters related to various hunting seasons. Information is also available at the NH Department of Fish & Game Website.