Burning Permit Information

The Communications Center DOES NOT issue burning permits. To obtain a permit to burn brush (or cooking/camp fires) you must contact one of the local Fire Wardens in your town. Once you have a permit we ask that you then call the Communications Center. We will document your name, the location you will be burning at and a contact phone number. We take this information to prevent sending the fire department on a reported fire when it is actually a permitted burn.
Each day the State of NH sets a "Fire Danger Level". Based on that level a Burning Ban may be issued. In this case no permits will be issued until the ban is lifted. You may call (866) 643-4737 to hear a recording of the Fire Danger Level each day.
During the winter, when there is SIGNIFICANT (6 inches or more) snow on the ground, a permit is not needed to burn however we still ask that you call Dispatch to notify us so we can document that you are burning and thus prevent sending the fire department.
Once snow coverage reaches less than 6 inches a burning permit is needed. In New Hampshire burning brush is restricted to after 5pm unless there is a steady soaking rainfall currently underway, in which case your Fire Warden may allow you to burn, while it is raining, prior to 5pm.
Seasonal Cooking and Campfire permits are also available.
Click here for list of local Fire Wardens