Alcohol Diversion Program

Hanover Police Department
Alcohol Diversion Referral
The Hanover Police Department has partnered with Valley Court Diversion to provide an education alternative to sending first-time offenders involved in underage drinking through the Court process.
A person is only eligible for the program if they meet the following criteria:
1)      The individual is 18 to 20 years old.
2)      The individual has never been involved in other crimes or underage drinking incidents.
3)      The individual was offered the opportunity to participate in the program by the arresting officer.
Individuals who participate in Diversion will be subject to personal assessment which gauges several risk behaviors including drug abuse, depression, eating disorders, etc. in addition to alcohol use/abuse. After receiving the results of that assessment, participants will be scheduled for a Diversion class where they work in a group setting and learn more about the risks associated with alcohol use/abuse.

Contact person: Sheryl Tallman
                          (603) 640-3331