Where do I register to Vote?

The voter registration process in New Hampshire is designed to place in person before a designated election official. New Hampshire currently does not allow for open voter registration by mail. Individuals may register to vote at the Town Office (41 South Main Street) Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Although our offices are not fully open to the public, citizens can come to the front vestibule of Town Hall where we can provide the necessary forms (which must remain in Town Hall), and the citizen can hold up whatever documents they bring to be assessed through the vestibule glass. Applications may be made at any time of the year (except 10 days prior to any election). There may also be specially scheduled registration sessions leading up to major elections; these events will be posted on the Town website.

Absentee voter registration is available to residents who are concerned about exposure to infection from COVID-19 or exposing others. If registering absentee, we cannot provide any forms via email or by giving them to someone else - they must be mailed via US post directly to the registrant. The registrant must have access to a printer as paper copies of documentation that proves their identity and Hanover domicile must be posted back to our office along with the completed voter registration form and absentee voter registration affidavit (which must be witnessed by someone other than the registrant).

You may also register same-day on Election Day in New Hampshire - however, we encourage you to register early in order to avoid any unnecessary delays at the polling place.