Important Notice for Green Power Challenge Participants

If you are enrolled with ENH Power through Hanover's Green Power Challenge, The Town of Hanover and Sustainable Hanover has some important information to share with you.

We want to ensure that you are aware of a significant change in this program. The Green-E certified electricity you currently buy from ENH Provider will be discontinued by ENH after October. Going forward, new ownership at ENH has elected to offer only an uncertified green power product they call “Pure Green”. Sustainable Hanover does not endorse “Pure Green”.

In light of this development, Sustainable Hanover recommends to GPC members that you cancel your ENH account to avoid enrollment into an option which is not Green-E certified and does not meet EPA standards for renewable energy.

Cancellation will not disrupt the delivery and service of electricity to you.  When you cancel with ENH, you will revert to your utility’s default power at the kilowatt rate permitted by the NH Public Utilities Commission. Go here for an online form to cancel your ENH account.

If you wish to contact ENH directly to cancel your account, you may call them at 800-549-6160 or email

Sustainable Hanover is not endorsing another green power supplier at this time. We are working on an exciting new program to provide affordable renewable electricity in keeping with Hanover’s commitment to 100% renewables. We will inform you as plans progress.

Thank you for your support for clean, renewable energy. For further questions, please email