Sustainable Hanover - Save Your Styrofoam


HOLIDAY PURCHASES AND GIFTS often arrive with Styrofoam packaging. Please do not discard the Styrofoam. Save it for a special Sustainable Hanover collection on Saturday, February 11, 10 am to noon at Public Works, 194 Lebanon Street.  Snow date will be on Sunday, same time and place.

WHY A SPECIAL COLLECTION? Styrofoam is not accepted by either our curbside recycling system or by the Lebanon recycling center. Any foam you put into “regular” recycling will end up in landfill or worse case into the environment.

WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS COLLECTION? Our collection will take the foam to Gilford NH where the Transfer Station has a machine to compress the foam. Then they send it to a manufacturing facility to become new insulation.

WHAT STYROFOAM CAN WE RECYCLE? We accept expanded polystyrene, the #6 plastic which is commonly known as Styrofoam. It is used for foam coolers and packaging. Please see this flyer from the Gilford Transfer Station to understand what foams can and cannot accepted. All foam must clean. Please remove tape and stickers.

WANT TO HELP? We need a few more volunteers to join our team on collection day. Let us know if you are willing to brave the cold and work with a friendly team to reduce the waste stream from holiday packaging. We’ll have a warming station with hot coffee and cocoa! Let us know by email to: