Minor Projects Review Committee

Public meeting notices are posted in the front window of Town Hall and in the second floor hallway, across from the Planning & Zoning Office.
Meeting minutes may be reviewed in the Planning & Zoning Office.


The Minor Projects Review Committee is comprised of Town of Hanover staff to whom are delegated authority by the Planning Board to review and act on Site Plan Review applications for small proposed projects, such as Additions to existing buildings or structures that propose an additional aggregate building footprint of not more than 1,500 square feet; and Regardless of square footage,

1. Changes in the grading or required landscaping of an area; changes or additions to storm water controls; or changes in location of parking lots, parking facilities or parking areas, including changes to vehicular or pedestrian access to a site, that do not change the number of parking spaces and do not encroach into any required landscaped buffer area;

2. Installation of screened, on-the-ground condensers, generators, or transformers; additions to, expansions of, or relocations of existing condensers, generators, or transformers;

3. Addition of and changes to waste receptacles not exempted by VI.B.2.c; and

4. Installation of solar panels and wind generators.

This level of review is intended to streamline our land use review process and to save applicants time and expense.

For further information, please contact Vicki Smith.

Staff Contacts

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Vicki Smith Senior Planner (603) 640-3214


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Planning & Zoning

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