Downtown Hanover Vision

Table of Contents
2.0 Downtown Hanover Vision: Recommendations
        2.2.1 Context
Through the public consultation process and the work of the Downtown Vision Committee (DVC) the future role of Lebanon St. was often compared to that of Main Street. However the context of Lebanon St. has many existing attributes that can be channeled to provide a vibrancy within the Downtown that is currently missing.
     Parking Area Infill
     Spaulding Auditorium
     Expansion of Arts facilities east of Hopkins Center
Expansion of arts related, College facilities to the east of the Hop should similarly provide street-related, active uses that are retail in character, or provide some form of visible activity that will assist in defining the north side of the street as a vibrant, active edge.
     Gateway Parking
     The "Row" Pedestrian Allee
     Elimination of On-Street Parking
It is recommended that planning for this area take into consideration the elimination of on-street parking on this stretch of Lebanon Street adjacent to the proposed Row in order to shift the existing north curb approximately 16 ft southward as a means of both expanding the potential width of the Row and to maximize sight lines to the public space (see figures 6+7). A narrow curb-to-curb width accommodating two-way traffic in this area will also assist in slowing vehicular traffic as it enters the downtown. However planning for the area must allow for drop-off areas to accommodate bus loading and unloading.
Streetscaping can assist in defining this entire Lebanon corridor as a 'pedestrian emphasis' zone. A double row of trees could for instance be planted at regular intervals (18 - 25 ft on-center) parallel to the street. A pattern of decorative banding utilizing brick or granite pavers could be extended from the Row area into and across the street to unify the sense of gateway and the public life of the street. The existing, unsightly power lines should be buried throughout this corridor.
    2.3 South Street
    2.4 South Main Street
        2.4.1 Context
        2.4.2 Post Office Site
        2.4.4 The Grand Union Site
    "2.5 School Street"
    2.6 Structured Parking Locations
    "2.7 Zoning Recommendations"
        2.7.1 Creation of a Downtown District
        2.7.2 Commercial and Residential Intensification
        2.7.3 Floor Area Ratios in the Downtown District
        2.7.4 Height Limits
        2.7.5 Live/Work Units
        2.7.6 Residential Intensification in GR Districts
3.0 Conclusion
Appendix A: Summary of results of Stakeholder Interviews and the Downtown Vision Public Workshop
Appendix B: Hard/Soft Analysis