Road Postings Effective Monday, March 2

Road Postings Effective Monday, March 2
The following roads will be POSTED as of Monday, March 2, 2020.  No hauling of loads in excess of six tons will be allowed without the posting of a bond.
Algonquin Trail
Aspen Street
Austin Avenue
Balch Hill Lane
Bent Road
Birchview Terrace
Blueberry Hill Road
Bridgman Road
Buskey Circle
Butternut Lane
Carriage Lane
Chandler Road
Chase Road
Conant Road
Curtiss Road
Dad’s Road
Dairy Lane
Dana Road
Dogford Road
Dresden Road
East Wheelock St (from Park St to Trescott Rd)
Elm Road
Emily Lane
Etna Highlands Road
Fairview Avenue
Fern Lane
Ferson Road
Fox Field Lane
Freeman Road
Gates Road
Goodfellow Road
Goose Pond Road
Goss Road
Grant Road
Grasse Road
Hanover Center Road
Hardy Hill Road
Haskins Road
Hayes Hill Road
Hayfield Road
Heather Lane
Hemlock Road
Heneage Lane
Highland Avenue
Jones Road
Juniper Lane
King Road
Kingsford Road
Ladd Road
Lakeview Drive
Laramie Road
Laurel Lane
Ledge Road
Lindy Lane
Longwood Road
Low Road
Meadow Lane
Montview Drive
Moody Lane
Moose Mountain Lodge Road
Morgan Road
Mulherrin Farm Road
North Balch Street
Old Dana Road
Orchard Lane
Partridge Road
Petes Lane
Pine Drive
Pingree Road
Pinneo Hill Road
Piper’s Lane
Plummer Hill Road (Iby Road)
Quail Drive
Rand Road
Rayton Road
Rennie Road
Reservoir Road
Rip Road
River Road
Robert Frost Lane
Ruddsboro Road
Saddle Run Road
Smith Road
South Balch Street
Stevens Road
Sugar Maple Lane
Thompson Road
Thornberry Road
Three Mile Road
Trescott Road
Tunis Road
Tyler Road
Valley Road
Verona Avenue
Willow Spring Lane
Wolfeboro Road
Woodcock Lane
Woodmore Drive
Woods End Road
Wren Lane
Please call or email the Hanover Public Works Department at 603-643-3327 or [email protected] for permission and/or bond papers.