Solarize Hanover


Solarize Hanover is a three-year initiative to help Hanover residents determine if solar is right for their homes. The goal of Solarize Hanover is to double the number of solar homes in Hanover from 125 to 250 before federal tax credit incentives for solar installations end in 2022.

Solarize Hanover launched its first year campaign on June 20 in partnership with four leading local solar companies – Catamount Norwich Solar, ReVision Energy, and Solaflect. As of September 8, 96 Hanover residents have signed up for site visits as a first step towards the possibility of a transition to solar energy.

PV Installation pictureResidential solar installations are located in virtually every neighborhood in Hanover.

Sign ups for phase one site visits in 2019 ended on September 8. The program returns in the spring of 2020 with phase two of the campaign. Sign up HERE to be the first to hear about it.  For those who wish to get started sooner, please feel free to contact our installer partners (see above) or another installer of your choice directly.

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