Trails Committee

Public meeting notices are posted in the front window of Town Hall and in the second floor hallway, across from the Planning & Zoning Office.
Meeting minutes may be reviewed in the Planning & Zoning Office.

A committee of the Hanover Conservation Commission


The Trails Committee of the Hanover Conservation Commission manages trails in Hanover and easements held by Hanover. Trail management may include mapping, monitoring, oversight, routine maintenance, improvement of treadways, construction of new or relocated trails, maintaining contact with landowners, trail planning, and trail advocacy. The Committee cooperates with other trail managers including the Hanover Conservancy, Dartmouth College, White Mountain National Forest, Upper Valley Trails Alliance, Upper Valley Mountain Bike Association, Pine Park Association, and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. In addition, the Trails Committee provides recommendations to the Hanover Conservation Commission for funding and new trail projects.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Vicki Smith Senior Planner (603) 640-3214

Board Members

Bill Mlacak
Ron Bailey
Hugh Mellert
Doug McIlroy
John Trummel
Rory Gawler
Sean Ogle (ex officio)
Nancy Horton
Willow Nilsen
Tom Jack