ZBA Deliberations

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 6:00pm

6:00 PM  Continued Deliberations from November 12, 2018

Z2018-27:  Special exception, Christ Redeemer Church, to permit a driveway wider than 14’ at 28 & 32 Greensboro Rd  (M25/L14,15)

Z2018-28:  Special exception, Christ Redeemer Church, to permit church use in the SR-2 zone at 28 & 32 Greensboro Rd  (M25/L14,15)

Z2018-29:  Wetland special exception, Christ Redeemer Church, to permit impacts to the wetland buffer on Lot 14 for the construction of the access drive and parking lot, with grading, for the proposed Christ Redeemer Church facility at 28 & 32 Greensboro Rd  (M25/L14, 15)

7:00 PM  Deliberation of Cases Heard November 29, 2018

Z2019-06:  Special exception, Jonathan & Claudia WEED, to install a second driveway at 4 Prospect St  (M33/L60)

Z2018-36:  Special exception, Timothy & Kathleen FISHER, to construct a fence greater than 4’ tall within the required side setback at 58 Lyme Rd  (M46/L4)

Z2018-37:  Special exception, Anthony & Marcia MARTIN, to construct a seasonal dwelling at 8 Grafton Tpke  (M17/L26)

Z2018-38:  Special exception, Gary BROOKS & Barbara DUNCAN, for an addition to a non-conforming structure; the addition would be no closer to the lot lines to which the existing structure is non-conforming.  The property is located at 56 Lebanon St  (M23/L159)

Z2018-39 & 40:  Special exceptions, CANYON POINT LLC, to permit construction of a seasonal dock, dock anchor, and stairway access to the dock within the floodplain [Z2018-39], and wetland & wetland buffer areas [Z2018-40] at 30 Occom Rdg  (M40/L1)