Records Division

The Records Division maintains incidents, case reports, accident reports, evidence logs, and other information. They respond to requests for copies of reports, process pistol carry licenses for Hanover residents, and research and prepare letters of good conduct. In addition to records duties, the Records Coordinator also provides administrative support to the Prosecutor's Office.

  1. Report Copies
  2. Background Checks
  3. Pistol Permits

Police Reports

You may request a copy of a police report in which you are involved by contacting the Records Division or submitting a records request online. Police Reports may require some time for processing depending on the nature of the case. Fees may apply.

Accident Reports

Accident reports are typically available 10 business days after being reported. To receive a copy for insurance purposes, provide your insurance company with your case number and they will request it from us. If you do not know your case number contact the Records Division during normal business hours or call our Dispatch center outside of normal hours. If you wish to request a copy for your personal use a fee may apply; contact the Records Division or submit a records request online.

If you did not report your accident to the Hanover Police Department at the time it occurred we cannot create a police report. However, you may still be required to report it to the NH Department of Motor Vehicles. You can find information on reporting requirements and the self-report accident form on their website.

Report Costs

The cost of a report produced by the Hanover Police Department may be charged at $0.25 per page. Please note the Hanover Police Department can only accept cash (exact change required) or checks made payable to the Town of Hanover. If you wish to ascertain the expected fee for a report please contact the Records Coordinator.