Fraud Prevention

Recognize Fraud & Control Damage

Theft and Fraud PreventionIdentity Theft

If you are a victim of identity theft, you should make a report to the Hanover Police Department if you are a Hanover resident, or if the crime occurred in Hanover. You are able to quickly and easily report these types of crimes by contacting us at 603-643-2222 or stopping by the Hanover Police Department which is staffed 24 hours.

Fraud Reporting Agencies

In addition to reporting the incident, the Hanover Police Department recommends that you contact the appropriate financial institutions to dispute the fraudulent charges and provide a copy of your Police Report. Closing the account may be necessary.

Follow up with a second credit check (1 free check per year at Annual Credit Report) and monitor accounts.

Internet & Phone Scams

Victims of an Internet crime or scam in which the suspect appears to be outside of Hanover can also report the incident to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.  This includes suspects you may believe to be outside of the U.S.

Victims of any online or phone scam that appears to originate in Canada can also report the incident to the Canadian Royal Mounted Police Phone Busters Task Force.