Town Manager


Alex TorpeyThe Town Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Town, overseeing its day-to-day operations, managing all departments; reporting directly to the Selectboard; preparing all agenda items and policy recommendations for consideration by the Selectboard; and ensuring that all Town operations respond to the needs of local citizens as effectively as possible.

Members of the public can contact the Town Manager's office with questions or comments for Selectboard members, or for information regarding Town Ordinances (laws), Outdoor Activities Permits, Raffle Permits, copies of the Town Report, or anything else you may need but are not sure where to go.

The Town Manager works closely with the Selectboard, Department Heads, Committees/Boards, external governments, and local and regional organizations and stakeholders to help manage the Town's finances, day-to-day operations, and provide and analyze policy and long-term planning recommendations.

Alex Torpey

Town Manager Alex Torpey hosts New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan and Vermont Secretary of State Sarah Copeland Hanzas at Hanover's Town Hall to talk about elections, civic involvement, and trust in government. You can find the 90 minute discussion here.