Obstruction / Excavation / Hauling / Temporary Driveway Permit Notes

  • The contractor and/or person who will actually be obstructing/excavating/hauling is responsible for obstruction applications. An authorized agent for the contractor may submit the application on the contractor's behalf, however, the certificate of insurance, if required, must provide coverage for the contractor responsible for the work. Driveway permits may be applied for by the property owner.
  • Filling out and submitting applications: after opening the application, select the three lines in the upper right corner and choose "Download/Export" from the drop-down menu and save the application to your computer to fill. Email your application and supporting documents to DPW (a link to our email is at the right of this page).
  • Payment for parking, if applicable, must be made separately and directly to the Parking Division.  Combined payments will not be accepted.
  • Applications which require a sketch will not be processed without one. No finalized permits will be issued without a certificate of insurance (if applicable), receipt of payment, or bond (if applicable).
  • After we receive your application and supporting documents, we will send a signature request to all parties to review the permit. You will also receive a signature request, which you will need to complete. Be sure to select the blue "Finalize" button in the upper left of the screen after you sign.

Permit Resources

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