Water Reclamation

Water Reclamation Plant

Mission Statement

To safeguard and preserve New Hampshire's environmental value in a manner that balances quality, safety and cost.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as a respected organization in the field of wastewater and residual treatment.

Guiding Principles

  • It is the responsibility of the operators at this facility to ensure the quality of the water and its residuals through any approved and accepted practices of Federal and State environmental guidelines. Such established practices shall be carried out in a professional and safe manner as to protect town property, the public, staff and the environment.
  • We shall positively promote and educate the public, private and professional organizations to the services of water quality professionals.
  • Integrity, dependability and professionalism.
  • Commitment to continual learning in the many facets of wastewater and residuals management in order to provide educated decisions on future requirements.
  • Maintain a workplace that is safe, clean, friendly and positive.
  • To be a resource for all interested parties in the research and development of new and established treatment strategies.
  • We shall strive to be proactive and practical in our approach to conducting business.
  • Consider the environmental, social and economic impact of our decision-making processes.