IV. The Open Space Priorities Plan

Guiding this Open Space Priorities Plan is a vision of Hanover in times to come, a town shaped physically by its varied topography, generous open spaces, and various built structures, and with every resident assured of a stable and bountiful resource base, and a variety of conveniently located outdoor recreation opportunities. The plan encourages stewardship of our cultural and natural surroundings, and both municipal and voluntary citizen participation in achieving open space goals.

The goals of the Open Space Priorities Plan, as stated in Chapter I, are:

  • To promote the conservation, protection and sound management of the natural resource base
  • To protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the town's diverse natural communities and wildlife habitats
  • To sustain the scenic quality and visual character of the town
  • To maintain and expand landscape-based recreational and educational opportunities
  • To protect and preserve the town's historic sites and cultural landscapes and
  • To protect and preserve existing in-town open space

Eleven specific areas of Hanover have been identified in this plan for permanent protection. While some may be conserved through regulation and donation, there will be instances where the town will need to purchase land or rights to the land in order to secure open spaces. This plan is thus meant to ensure the thoughtful expenditure of public moneys from the town's Conservation Fund. (See Chapter V) It is also meant to provide meaningful input for the town Master Plan; and to encourage land-protection actions by individuals, and by nonprofit organizations such as the Upper Valley Land Trust, the Hanover Conservation Council and the Appalachian Trail Conference Land Trust.

The plan is in four parts:

  • General Recommendations
  • Uses of the Conservation Fund
  • Conservation/Recreation Action Area Recommendations
  • In-town Action Area Recommendations