Scenic Locales Summary - Appendix 3-2

Something for Everyone

Hanover's scenic landscape is vital to the town's identity and economy. It touches the lives of everyone. Directly or indirectly, it provides income, recreation, aesthetic and spiritual opportunities for all. It is the foundation of our quality of life.

Since 1957 the people of Hanover have expressed a continuing and growing concern for the town's scenic resources, culminating in this study and the actions that are anticipated to grow out of it. All citizens have been offered an opportunity to contribute to the study's findings, which are summarized as follows:

  • Nearly every part of Hanover's landscape is considered scenic by someone.
  • Specific locations or areas that are valued by large numbers of people are found throughout town.
  • A wide variety of options for protecting scenic values are available within the context of the continuing development of the town.

This study underscores the public's unequivocal mandate for scenic protection, and provides guidance for a multi-faceted action program by which town government, institutions, businesses, landowners and the public can find ways to ensure that the landscape that brought and keeps us here, and brings people from all over the world, will be sustained into the future and not be randomly chipped away until only token fragments remain.

In short, just as Hanover's scenic landscape offers positive benefits to every person who lives or works here, so too are there opportunities for everyone to participate in a stewardship role for the preservation of its special attributes - again, something for everyone.

Members of the Committee

  • Nancy Collier, Planning Board (Chairperson)
  • Robert Bailey, Conservation Commission
  • Judith Reeve Davidson, Conservation Commission
  • Shawn Donovan, Planning Board
  • Charlotte Faulkner, Community-at-large
  • Michael Hingston, Zoning Board
  • Pam Mamourian, Community-at-large
  • Anne Morris, Community-at-large
  • Elizabeth Vesley-Gross, Community-at-large

In Honor of the many stalwart advocates of Hanover's landscape, foremost of whom are Nan and Allen King.

And with special thanks to:

  • The Upper Valley Land Trust
  • The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission
  • Elaine Bent