Housing Opportunity Program Grant

Recording of the May 2023 workshop

PowerPoint presentation of May 2023 workshop

Hanover Housing Opportunity Program Grant Phase 1 and 2, what is it?

1.  It is a Needs Analysis and Planning effort to support housing.

Hanover has hired consultants to help us:

  • Understand and map housing, income, and demographic data, including housing market costs, housing units needed to meet future expected growth in a municipality and the region, and the affordability of a municipality’s housing for all income ranges;
  • Review the existing master plan to identify sections that are related to or impact upon housing development and draft revisions to those master plan sections for the purpose of supporting increased housing supply; and
  • Create community engagement efforts to support the development and adoption of master plan updates to support these recommendations.

 2.  It is a Regulatory Audit.

Additionally, the consultants are auditing the Town’s land use regulations and will make recommendations for changes to promote housing development. Regulations to be evaluated are zoning, subdivision regulations, site plan regulations. The audit includes the following tasks:

  •  Identify barriers to housing development that may exist in standards or processes;
  •  Identify outdated regulatory schemes;
  •  Specify changes to existing regulations;
  •  Identify opportunities for new regulations;
  • Cross-reference different regulations to ensure that they are not in conflict.