Thanks to the Town of Hanover's Biodiversity Inventory Committee for contracting for this report. In particular, Shawn M. Donovan provided guidance and support throughout the project. Thanks to Richard Lewin for providing the initial contacts between The Nature Conservancy and Hanover's Biodiversity Inventory Committee. At Dartmouth professors David Peart, and Richard Holmes, and also Craig Lane and Patrick Doran, provided insight and information about potential field sites. Thanks to Jim Stone, Terry Jillson, and Jack Nelson at the Hanover Waterworks Company for permission to visit the protected reservoir lands. Thanks to Jonathan Edwards and Vicki Smith of the Hanover Planning and Zoning Office for assisting with mapping and landowner contacts. Editorial comments by Shawn M. Donovan and David Peart helped tremendously in shaping the final draft of this report. This project was supported with funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Town of Hanover, and the Hanover Conservation Council.

Fieldwork for this project was conducted by Mike Stevens, Douglas Bechtel, and Susan Young.