Open Space Action Areas

To fulfill these goals, two categories have been established, embracing a total of twelve significant areas. One category, consisting of rural lands, serves conservation and/or recreation needs. The second is focused on in-town uses. Between the two, and serving to link them, are the forested hillsides that form a tree-covered backdrop to the in-town portion of Hanover. Areas contain anywhere from one lot to many parcels with many landowners. Practicality dictates that protection of parcels be accomplished both strategically and opportunistically - when individual owners express interest - in the assumption that, over time, a whole, linked open space system will take shape.

Conservation / Recreation Areas

  • Appalachian Trail Buffers
  • Connecticut River Shoreline
  • King Hill Connections
  • Lord's Hill
  • Lyme Connection
  • Mink Brook Corridor
  • Monahan Valley
  • Moose Mountain East
  • Moose Mountain West
  • Slade Brook
  • Water Company Land

In-Town Areas

Although there are significant exceptions, in-town areas are typically small, single lots. As there are very few, all that become available for open space action are considered to be important.