NH Saves Rebate Zoom

Weatherize Hanover Continues

Weatherize Hanover just sponsored a Zoom about the NHSaves rebates for home weatherization projects. If you qualify, you can receive 100% of the cost of air sealing your home and 75% of insulating and other costs up to $8000!

View the recording of the Zoom given by Horizon Residential which administers the rebate program for Liberty Utilities and also vets the contractors involved in weatherization work for people who qualify for the rebates.

Don't hesitate to call Horizon with any questions you may have at 603-369-4833 or visit NH Saves.

Weatherization can be done any time of year and pays off year-round in greater comfort in summer and winter, energy savings, and money saved! More information and step-by-step guides to each step of the process

Weatherize Hanover has residents who have weatherized their homes and are willing to talk to others contemplating a project. Email Weatherize Hanover to get in touch with a resident who has weatherized.