2.4.3 68-72 South Main Street

The Hard/Soft analysis identifies two sites as potential redevelopment sites in the near term. These include:

  • 68 S Main (Big Green Cuts)
  • 72 S Main (Café Buon Gustaio)

Both properties amount to approximately 0.41 acres and are presently owned by HIC. Based on an FAR of 2.4, with parking provided either below-grade or off-site, the theoretical redevelopment potential of the site at maximum build-out, is 43,000 square feet.

However, the heritage components of both structures should be considered a valuable asset and be considered for adaptive reuse. Through the demolition of more recent additions to these structures and infilling of the site between buildings, a more appropriate development scenario would result. A new house form structure of three floors (approximate dimensions: 50-foot frontage and 40-foot depth) between the existing buildings will yield an additional 6,000 square feet. Alternatively; an active landscaped court space between the two buildings would be equally appropriate. Consideration should therefore be given to a site-specific zoning of these lands with a reduced height restriction (35 feet) and 1.0 FAR designation to protect the heritage scale character of these two properties.

2.4.4 The Grand Union Site

The Grand Union Site (figure 27) represents an important opportunity to establish a south gateway to the Downtown. There is tremendous opportunity to extend pedestrian intensity to this south edge of South Main Street through new infill development facing Main Street. The important role of the Town's south gateway should be emphasized through special landmark building treatments, high levels of streetscaping and pedestrian amenities.

Figure 27: View of the Grand Union site from South Main Street.

Figure 27 - View of the Grand Union Site
Consistent with the objective of locating new parking structures on the periphery of Downtown, a parking structure should be considered in the present location of the Food Store. By locating the parking structure mid-block, consistent active street edges can be provided on South Main and Maple Street. Street-related retail, including potentially a smaller food store operation, with office and retail uses above, is recommended. This site is also an appropriate location for an additional Downtown hotel (figures 28 through 31).

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Planning for the HSD lands should be undertaken in combination with the Town, and incorporate the Town-owned Marshall parking lot such that the parking function of the block should be moved mid-block allowing the Marshall site to develop as a residential site consistent with the character of School Street. A 4-floor above-grade garage will yield approximately 300 spaces. The proposed restructuring of the Town's parking policies and the establishment of a parking fund to finance the construction of future public garages may allow for the joint venture financing of the garage and other aspects of the development of the HSD lands.

The Hard/Soft (H/S) analysis indicates the Grand Union site as appropriate for redevelopment in the near term. The 'L' shaped HSD lands are approximately 1.05 acres in area. The theoretical maximum for the HSD lands based on an FAR of 2.4, 60% site coverage, below-grade parking and 4 floor buildings is 110,000 square feet.

According to the H/S analysis the Marshall parking lot at 0.47 acres is appropriate for longer-term redevelopment. With an FAR of 1.5 appropriate for a townhouse development on the Marshall site, approximately 31,000 square feet of residential housing could be provided.

If a public or joint-use, above-grade parking garage is located mid-block (approximate dimensions of 120 by 200 feet) the available site area on the HSD lands will be reduced to approximately.5 acres which will yield 52,000 of new development, with 16,000 square feet fronting Maple Street and 35,200 facing South Main Street.

The combined development potential including the garage, townhouse site and two commercial sites would provide 83,000 square feet.