III. Comments Written by Survey Respondents - Summary

Respondents offered a total of 746 written comments, scattered throughout the four sections of the survey as follows:

  • Section I (Rural Character): 246
  • Section II (Transportation): 161
  • Section III (Commerce and Village Area): 235
  • Section IV (Open Space:) 95
  • Other: 9
  • Total: 746

Comments that covered two or more distinct subjects were divided as appropriate, resulting in a final count of about separate 900 comments. A complete record of the written comments is available in the project files stored in the Planning and Zoning Office in the municipal building.

Overall, the number and variety of comments appear to reflect strong reaction on the part of the rural Hanover community to the timeliness and subject matter of the survey, and people's concern with these issues. Thus, the written comments offer an important supplement to the survey statistics by

  • restating or supporting survey answers
  • amplifying and extending the scope of the survey
  • offering solutions to perceived problems and
  • reflecting intensity of feeling

In deference to the reader's time and patience, this summary represents the content of all the comments, but not the duplication. (In many cases, several people - as many as 40 - have similar or identical observations.) Comments have been categorized by subject, regardless of the section of the survey in which they first appeared.

Table of Contents

  1. Rural Character
    • Characteristics
    • Personal Comments on Rural Character
    • Scenic Characteristics
    • Scenic Roads
    • Bothersome Factors
    • Lights
    • Noise
    • Hunting
    • Overhead Utilities
    • Other
    • RR Zone Planning and Development Patterns
    • Lot Size
    • RR Permitted Uses and Special Exceptions
    • Residential Development
    • Clustered Housing, New Villages
  2. Traffic, Transportation, Roads
    • Speed
    • Volume
    • Etna/Hanover Center Road
    • Road Work
    • Types of Roads (Paved, Unpaved)
    • Alternate Modes of Transportation
    • Other
  3. Business/Commerce
    • B-1 Zone
    • New Post Office, Store and Bridge
    • Suggested Additions to the B-1 Zone
    • IV. S-R ZONE
    • SR-2 Zone Amenities
    • Sidewalks
    • Paths
    • Lighting
    • Suggested Additions to the SR-2 Zone
  4. N/A
  5. Zoning
    • RR Zone
    • B-1 and SR-2 Zones
    • Forest, NP Zones and Water Company Land
    • General Comments
  6. Open Space
    • Nature and The Environment
    • Agriculture
    • Wildlife
    • General Comments
    • Open Space Programs in Hanover
  7. Recreation
  8. Regulations
  9. Survey
  10. Other Comments