VIII. Regulations

  • Regulations only work when there are monitoring and enforcement actions.
  • We must give the town a greater ability to deal with violations on clearcutting, sending a message to developers that penalties will be severe.
  • Regulation of development in undeveloped or wetland areas will not accomplish anything as long as the major landowner in Hanover is constantly able to get around these restrictions (i.e., Dartmouth College on Grasse Road).
  • The Town of Hanover should look carefully at the number of exceptions granted in the wetlands setback, the latest being Dartmouth College Grasse Road development. What is the purpose?
  • Increase regulation of "I" zones in all areas.
  • Having just been through a lengthy, expensive application for a Special Exception involving a wetland area, I am all too aware that the Zoning Board is not handling this area very proficiently. There are many fuzzy areas in the regulations.
  • Don't make unnecessary restrictions on the individual small landowner, but be vigorous with the developers that rape the land - cause erosion, destroy the forests, etc.
  • How do you define a hilltop and ridgeline? If you restrict them, you should also regulate clearcutting for the purpose of "getting a view".