Vendor Permits

Any person seeking the issuance of a Vendor Permit shall file an application with the Town Clerk on the form provided (see below). An application for a Vendor Permit shall include the following information:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the person seeking to obtain a Vendor Permit
  • The assigned number and location of the Temporary Outlet desired
  • A brief description of the nature of the person's business and the merchandise to be bought, sold, displayed or distributed
  • A statement describing the dimensions, construction and appearance of the Vendor's Stand
  • The Vendor must have a Certificate of Insurance for general liability with a minimum coverage of $500,000 from an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of New Hampshire and naming the Town as Certificate Holder. The Certificate of Insurance shall contain a provision that it shall not be cancelable except upon ten days' notice to the Town Clerk
  • A statement as to whether a daily or nine-month term is desired

Any person seeking to obtain a daily Vendor Permit shall submit his/her application to the Hanover Town Clerk no sooner than 8:30 am on the day before the applicant seeks to use a Daily Temporary Outlet. As the Town Clerk's Office is closed over the weekend, a vendor may submit an application on Friday to secure a daily Permit for a Temporary Outlet for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, or any combination of these three days (the daily permit fee of $15 per day will be assessed for each separate day).

Applicants seeking to obtain a Vendor Permit for a Temporary Outlet with a nine-month term (March 1-November 30) shall file a written application between the period of November 15 and November 30, and the Town will award the permit no later than December 5. A renewing vendor in these nine-month temporary spaces shall have the right of first option to retain their temporary vending outlet. Should any of the nine-month temporary outlets not be subject to renewal by a current vendor, new vendors shall be selected via lottery.

Please read the complete Street Vendor Ordinance for more information.

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