Announcement on Hanover Police Department's pursuit of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Accreditation  

Dear Community Members, 

The Hanover Police Department is in the self-assessment phase to attain accreditation through CALEA. Achieving CALEA accreditation will provide us with the gold standard of police excellence and ensure that our department is aligned with the best practices in policing.  

The benefits of accreditation are promoting transparency, trust, and confidence in law enforcement services by demonstrating our commitment to accountability and continuous improvement. It establishes a framework for us to track and evaluate our performance against national standards and best practices. It also helps us foster a culture of excellence, professionalism, and community engagement. 

Research has demonstrated that agencies with CALEA accreditation enjoy reduced risk, increased effectiveness and enhanced public perception. It is a testament to our commitment to being the guardians of the Hanover community. 

We are confident that our dedicated team of officers, support staff, and community partners will work hard to achieve this significant milestone. We will keep you updated on our progress and look forward to continuing partnerships to make Hanover a safer community for all residents. 

Part of this process requires the agency to publicly post a link, for 60 days, seeking public comment, commendations, and other information regarding the agency's quality of service or other information relevant to the accreditation process. 

The link below will bring you to the CALEA Accreditation Public Comment Portal.  Once at that page, click the "search by agency" tab, type in 'Hanover', and select the Hanover (NH) Police Department to leave a comment.