Hanover Community Nurse

Community Nurse Services

Hanover Community Nurse program started in 2018 which provides coordinated health care related services to individuals and families in Hanover, with a focus on home visits, teaching and coaching, providing health and wellness and disease prevention.  Our Community nurse works with you, your family, and other health professionals and caregivers to provide coordinated health care that addresses your physical, emotional, and social needs.  Our goal is to help Hanover residents live safely and as independently as possible at home and in their community.

There is no fee for these services, which include:

     Coordinating your care with your primary physician(s) and other community agencies and resources

     Providing health education, resource information, and referrals as needed

     Serving as your advocate for your medical needs

     Making home visits to assess your current health care needs

     Clarifying and helping you work towards personal health and lifestyle goals

     Sharing care plans with family members, if desired.

     Assisting in scheduling medical appointments and helping ensure you can attend and effectively participate in visits with
     health care providers

     Assisting in helping you obtain medical equipment

     Assisting with questions about insurance, advance directives, and long-term care planning

CONTACT : Doris Yates, RN
Email: Doris.Yates@Hanovernh.org
Phone: 603-727-2832